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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Clean up time with Little Swappies



We try very hard to maintain the rule of one in one out and want to teach the kids that donating toys and clothes to others is something that makes you feel good.  We donated a ton of stuff before Christmas to different charities and organizations, but what do we do with those toys that have been gently loved or the clothes are were only worn a few times?  This is where Little Swappies comes to the rescue.

How Little Swappies Works
Little Swappies

Step 1:  Clean out your child’s closet
Step 2:  Bring at least 5 new or very gently used items to the swap
Step 3:  Take home items that you need!
What You’ll Find:  Children’s clothes 0-6, toys, books, & maternity wear.
What’s New:  Bring home brand new clothes from high end designers for the cost of your ticket
What Happens to Remaining Items:  They are donated to our charity partner Covenant House
I love that for the price of admission $20 I’m getting to clean out the house and closet and then come home with new stuff.  I would easily spend $20 on a new outfit for the kids, but I have a feeling I’m going to walk out with way more.  Plus, they are also offering a Premier ticket for $40 which guarantees you 2 NEW pieces from the Frank and Lu collection.
The next Little Swappies event is Sunday, January 26th from 10am-noon at Avenues:  The World School New York, NY.  Eleanor and I will be there since they also have fun activities for the kids and I want her to learn that it’s better to pass on items rather then throw them away #Green2014.  To get tickets for this event click HERE.
If you’re attending let me know and lets meet up!  Teaching our kids to reuse is a valuable lesson and one that will make the world a better place, I can’t wait to attend and share what we learn and swap!