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Safe Sleep Tips

New parents heading back to work are faced with the difficult decision of finding the right childcare provider for their child. With all the preparation that goes into this decision, it is disheartening to learn that according to Tim Blake, CEO of First Candle, “SIDS rates double when a child goes from home to childcare.”


We recently attended an event, where we learned more from First Candle, Love To Dream, and Regal Lager, about their new campaign aimed to create awareness about these alarming statistics, and to educate both caregivers and daycares. Here are some facts and tips.

Facts from Chris Blake, CEO of First Candle and Alison Jacobson, The Safety Mom:

  • SIDS rates double when a child goes from home to childcare. Even an infant in a low risk category for SIDS, becomes high risk on day one in childcare.
  • Love To Dream’s Day Care Program enables us to expand our outreach efforts to both parents and child care providers.
  • Two thirds of US infants spend at least some time in child care. They spend an average of 22 hours per week in child care. If you assume that SIDS occurs equally around the clock you can calculate the following: (67% of all infants are in child care) x (22 hours/week spent in child care)/(168 total hours/week) = approx. 8.8% of SIDS deaths should occur in child care.

Safe Sleep Tips:

  • Always put your baby to sleep on their back.
  • Always dress your baby in clothing that fits.
  • Keep your baby in a well-ventilated and comfortable temperature.
  • Always have your baby sleep on a firm mattress.

Other ways to encourage safe sleeping is to use a Love to Dream swaddle, a company whose mission it is to “help your baby (& of course you) achieve longer, better quality sleep.” This includes an innovative baby swaddle wrap with patented Arms UP wings that allows your baby to sleep with their arms UP & legs splayed in a natural sleeping position. This focuses on sleeping on the back and providing babies with their hands in order to sleep soothe.

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For more safety tips, please visit: First CandleLove To Dream, and Regal Lager