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Spring is synonymous with cleaning and organizing. It is human nature to have feelings of attachment to what we own, but letting go of the stuff that we don’t need anymore can be a cathartic experience. At Little Swappies, one of our goals is to make purging easy and fun.

As parents, we see our children constantly outgrowing new and like new clothing, toys, and books. This leads to clutter in our homes.  Why keep that excess around when there are others in our community who can use it and appreciate it.  Our Little Swappies events are simple – 1) Bring items that your kids have outgrown, and then 2) take home things that your family can use.  Nothing is for sale, no money changes hands.  It is simply us as a community sharing with one another.

Here are some spring cleaning tips to help you get organized and purge with a purpose this spring.

1. Assess Your Stuff: Somehow, even if you are good about staying organized, our “stuff” has a way of accumulating over the course of a year.  Much of it are things that we probably will never use but don’t really know what to do with. To separate yourself from belongings that have lost their functionality, start your purge by asking:

When was the last time I wore that?

Why am I saving that?

Asking these questions will help to better assess whether you should really be keeping something and to see how emotionally tied we are to things that really don’t wear or use.

2. Separate Into Piles: Sort your clothing, books, and toys into three piles called keep, donate, and recycle.  This can help you see what is still in good condition. If you can, place the items that have sentimental value (like, say, your wedding dress) in storage to be kept and preserved. The like-new items that you don’t use or wear anymore can be placed in the donate pile and clothing that is old, stained, or ripped can be placed in the recycle pile.

3. Swap, Donate and Give Back: At Little Swappies you can bring kids clothing up to size 5T, books, toys, and maternity wear. In exchange, you will be able to get something like-new and know that anything not swapped will go to our charity partner, Room to Grow.  You can also bring textiles that aren’t so nice (yucky rags, discolored shirts, torn jeans, etc) to be recycled (in partnership with Reuse NYC!) – making it easy to literally bring anything to the swap for a zero waste experience.

A good and honest assessment of your stuff will help you to have an organized and tidy home and create a new way for you to do your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Organize, purge and give back on May 2nd at our next Little Swappies event!

We can’t wait to see you there.