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We’ve reached an exciting stage in our baby’s life as she recently began eating solid foods. I personally enjoy the break from constant breastfeeding and it is incredible to see her explore new tastes and textures. With our older children I was able to make their own baby food, and thought of it as a great way to ensure that they were consuming wholesome and organic foods.  I also personally believe that starting with healthy foods is important to establish the path to healthy eating later on in life.


However, with our third child, I am desperately in need of ways to make my life easier and that has meant having some help when it comes to baby food preparation. When I can’t prepare my own food I want to make sure that I am still able to offer my daughter the very best, which is why I was excited to discover Lizzy’s Garden.

Created by mom Jennifer Miles, this baby food company uses 100% USDA certified organic ingredients. Their products are not only chemical-free but also made with no preservatives, fillers, pesticides, artificial flavors or additives. The company is committed to establishing a foundation that will help your baby build healthy and sustainable eating habits by creating accessible, fresh, and organic offerings.

Lizzy's Garden

Their food offerings are broken down into two stages. Stage one is for babies that are four months and older. Stage one uses single ingredient pureed dishes such as applelicious, simply squash, simply carrot, pear crazy, sweet potato treat, and zesty zucchini. Stage two is for babies six months and older, and consists of paired ingredients and spices such as a butternut squash dinner, peachy peach, homemade apple and pear sauce, sweet pea dinner, and more.  Our five-month-old loves the appelicious and simply squash blends. We have also tried the sweet pea dinner, which is a combination of organic sweet peas, organic brown rice, organic garlic powder and organic onion powder. This gentle introduction to flavors and food combinations simplifies the combination process for me while also offering our daughter the chance to experience new foods.

Lizzy’s Garden makes it easy to give your baby wholesome, nutritious, and 100% organic baby food and the chance to give your baby the very best right from the start.

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