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 Photo: by Lindsey Turner

We love reading about Christine’s eating adventures in NYC, and wanted to find our how this Australian native decides what stays and what goes in her home.  



How often do you purge your kids’ closets?


Every couple of months when I notice hems are getting a bit short on my daughter.



How do you decide what stays and what goes?


I only get rid of clothes when they are too small or damaged so badly they can’t be worn anymore. We travel a lot, particularly to summery places during the cold months, so I never know when we’re going to need out of season clothes. I get really sentimental about my daughters clothes though – if we had room I’d never get rid of anything! Our apartment is so tiny that it’s a necessity to make way for the bigger clothes as she grows.



Swapping clothes and toys is such a great way to help the planet. Are there other simple ways you try to teach your kids about being eco-friendly?


We are trying to teach our daughter about recycling in the home. We show her which items to place in the recycling bins and try to explain why and what happens to them. Our family donates any clothing or goods that we don’t need to charity every season, so this is something that we will be trying to teach her about when she is old enough to understand (she’s only two).



Do you have a favorite second hand piece of your own?


While I don’t have many 2nd hand clothing pieces (I tend to go for simple staples like jeans and tanks), I do love vintage jewelry. I am very attached to jewelry of my grandmother’s that I received after she passed away – her engagement ring and wedding ring. I particularly love vintage jewelry because of the sentimental value, and the stories that every single scratch on them tells.



Tell us about a few of the pieces you’ll be parting with…


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 I am parting with a lot of my own clothes this season that I wore when I was pregnant and the following year, when I was still carrying a lot of the baby weight. I’m also donating clothes that were staples in my pre-baby life that I don’t have a place for anymore. My daughters clothes have already either been given to friends who just had new babies (I love seeing her outfits being worn again!) or are about to be given to charity.



Christine Knight is a writer and marketing/social media strategist. She is the co-founder of, a site featuring kid-friendly places to eat, play and explore in New York City and beyond. Christine blogs about parenting her pirouetting two-year-old at Follow Christine on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.