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Out with the Old with Stroller in the City’s Brianne Manz



We love following Brianne’s beautiful family around the city on her blog, so we couldn’t help but be curious about how she handles what goes and what stays with a family of three.


Here she tells us how:


How often do you purge your kids closets?

Living in a small space in NYC, I go through their clothing quite often, about every three months or so. Especially for my youngest Gemma, who seems to be growing out of things by the minute.


How do you decide what stays and what goes? I don’t like to throw out much, but usually its based on sizing and what fits them. Having two girls, I usually just pass down the clothing.


Swapping clothes and toys is such a great way to help the planet. Are there other simple ways you try to teach your kids about being eco-friendly? I do. We are very big on recycling in my house, and the kids know which garbage to throw everything in.


Do you have a favorite second hand piece of your own? I do. I have a coat my mom wore in the 70’s hanging in my closet that I absolutely cherish!


To find out more about Brianne and her family, visit her at Stroller in the City.

Do you have a favorite second hand piece of your own? Please take a photos and show us on instagram! Hashtag #LittleSwappies @LittleSwappies