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Mama Swappies Event

Since 2012, over 2,000 families have attended Little Swappies events and have helped to keep over 50,000 items out of landfills by passing along their like-new kids clothing, books, and toys to others in their communities, while also exchanging them for items that are useful. Our Little Swappies’ community has grown by showing how fun and easy it can be to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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This model can be translated to adult events and last week Little Swappies launched a brand-new event series called Mama Swappies. Held at a luxurious private residence in Tribeca, the event included a mix of media and professional women who came together to share their designer clothing with others and while shopping for themselves for free! Everything that was not exchanged went to our charity partner, Henry Street Settlement – making it very easy and fun for guests to give their clothes a wonderful new home.

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Prior to the swap, attendees were able to casually network and chat as they met with brands such as Dryel, Organic Gemini, Suburban Jungle Realty Group, Arianna Skincare, Angela’s Sugar Fix, Priv, Quad Jobs, Be Mixed, and Dutch’s Spirits.

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Guests enjoyed custom moonshine cocktails from Be Mixed and Dutch’s Spirits and wine and cheese from Suburban Jungle. The third floor of the residence also included a braid bar where Priv styled our guests with the cutest new hair styles.
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On the first floor of the residence, guests sampled the delicious drinks and tiger nuts from Organic Gemini and amazing cake pops from Angela’s Sugarfix. They also enjoyed hand massages from Arianna Skincare and learned about how Dryel works as an in-home drying cleaning system. All attendees received Dryel to clean their new clothing finds. Katherine Salyi of The Serhant Team was also on-hand to showcase this beautiful Penthouse right in the heart of Tribeca.
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The fashion exchange started at 8pm on the second floor of the residence. The exchange was organized by clothing type and featured dresses, blouses, pants, handbags, shoes, accessories and beauty products! Personal stylist, Nicole Montellaro, was also on-hand to answer everyone’s style questions as well as to help guests to style their finds.
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Mama Swappies was a fun night out and a great way to connect with our growing community, while showcasing how enjoyable and easy it is to reduce, reuse and recycle! Until next time.
Thank you to all of our event partners:
Thank you to Katherine Salyi of The Serhant Team for providing us with the amazing residence for our Mama Swappies event.
Photos courtesy of Mariliana Arvelo from Stylish & Hip Kids photography.
Please check out to see her creative and beautiful kids and family portraits.
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