Please Read!

Ask yourself this? Would I feel comfortable lending this to a friend or relative? Remember, other participants are bringing wonderful items for your family. Please do the same for them.

For clothes this means LIKE NEW to COMPLETELY NEW (freshly laundered). Please note: clothing that is ripped, stained, faded or has holes will NOT be accepted. For toys and books this means clean and in working order. Thank you for your understanding!

Please bring a minimum of EIGHT (8) of the following items:


  • shoes
  • accessories (ex. Hats)
  • outerwear

Girls & Boys Clothing

  • accessories
  • shoes
  • shirts
  • pants
  • dresses
  • shorts
  • pajamas
  • sweaters
  • coats / jackets
  • bathing suits


(SIZES 0-4T only please)


  • for ages 0 – 4


  • tops /shirts
  • pants / jeans
  • skirts
  • shorts
  • dresses
  • workout clothes
  • coats / jackets
  • sweaters


  • for ages 0 – 4 and small enough to easily transport


(no stuffed animals please)