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One of the benefits of living in New York City is the ability to enjoy some of the amazing cultural experiences available with our children. A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to take in a performance of the new theatrical production of “Can Do Duck: The Musical,” Adapted by NYU student, Arielle, who took her father, Ducktor Morty’s, successful children’s book series “The Can Do Duck” and turned it into a musical, the production focuses on the “can do” spirit that helps kids understand challenges as part of learning how to become more self-confident.

The musical production follows the course of a father/author who is trying to complete his latest children’s book. With help from his daughter, Sarah, we see the world of five ducklings as she draws pictures about their experiences and tribulations as they each come into their own.


Watching the musical with my daughters, I saw how captivated they were by the engaging music and beautiful storyline that professed: “I say I can, I make a plan, I get right to it, and then I do it!” Through music and fun dialogue, this positive show focuses on the power of possibility as seen through Can Do Duck (Max Hoffman) and his vibrant ” I Can” personality.


An interesting aspect of this musical is seeing the parallel experiences of daughter and Dad as they try to put together the book, and then through the eyes of the five ducklings and their mother as they figure out their world. Through lessons we watch the ducklings as they grow up and learn to accept others.

The shows are held at The Lynn Redgrave Theater every Saturday and Sunday at 11 AM from now through March 8th. Can Do Duck: The Musical is an uplifting and positive experience leaving all with a feeling of love and better understanding of how to love and accept one another.

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