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Having a baby is an exciting time in a family’s life, but making decisions about what type of crib to purchase for your new baby can be daunting.  Lior Schapiro, Founder of NUMI NUMI Design, is hoping to change the nature of how we consume and source cribs by creating high-quality, American-made products that are safe, use eco-friendly materials, and are visually beautiful. Schapiros’ ethos is rooted in the brand, which believes that “design comes with environmental responsibility.” NUMI NUMI Design partners with The Forest Stewardship Council using FSC certified bamboo for their nursery products to help combat deforestation.

As part of our Changemakers’ Series, which highlights people and companies doing their part to lead positive change in their industries, we spoke with Lior to learn more about their eco-friendly and sustainably-made cribs.


Little Swappies: How did the idea for Numi Numi Design come about?

Lior Schapiro: In 2008 my wife and I started looking for cribs for our twin boys-to-be. As a designer and architect I was disappointed to discover that most cribs were stylistically out of date. They all looked the same and were extremely heavy. Here we are driving modern cars, enjoying smart phones, and building skyscrapers all around us, so why we are we stuck with old-fashioned nursery furniture?

After our twins were born, I started asking questions about what a crib is really meant for and how to change the traditional look of the crib while prioritizing regulations and safety.

A crib provides sleeping accommodations for an infant, but a crib is not only a place to sleep– it’s also a playful and unique space for activities like wondering, snacking, relaxing, reading, laughing, and bonding.

This is how NUMI NUMI Design was born.


Little Swappies: What makes your brand different from other crib designers and manufacturers?

Lior Schapiro: I was searching for new patterns for crib openings that would be safe and also utilize eco-friendly materials. Since I love big cities and their irregular forms, I thought it would be interesting to shape the crib openings like skyscrapers and other urban forms.

The second thing I focused on was materials and finishes. Painted lacquer cribs look amazing in marketing images but once a baby grows teeth and starts biting the crib, it doesn’t look so great, and the baby is exposed to toxic materials. I was looking for green, durable, and natural materials that could last for several years and also look cool… like Bamboo which does not needed to be painted.


Little Swappies: Tell us about your focus on creating American-Made products?

Lior Schapiro: I am a control freak and I love construction, I love to see and learn how things are made, and to learn how to improve construction details.

When I manufacture in the U.S.A, it is much easier for me to observe production, respond to design and production issues, communicate, commute, and support our local community.

Little Swappies: What can a customer expect from a NUMI NUMI Design crib?

Lior Schapiro: Beyond its green design advantages, our Wired crib is a perfect fit for urban apartments where space is limited. Although it is a full size crib it is relatively small and leaves space in the nursery for other furniture or activities.

Aside from being a space for sleeping, the crib can serves as a playpen if the mattress is set to the lower level. It can be transformed later on with the toddler conversion panel to a sofa bed. The bamboo material is very durable and extends the lifecycle of the crib.

Little Swappies: Can you explain your partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council in the development of your cribs? Why was this method important to you?

Lior Schapiro: The Forest Stewardship Council™ is an organization concerned with the maintenance, preservation, conservation and appropriate use of the world’s forests in relation to their commercial use. Using FSC certified bamboo for our nursery products helps with preventing deforestation and the environment.

Little Swappies: How can your cribs end the cycle of waste?

Lior Schapiro: Our products are designed to grow with children. The Wired Crib can convert into a toddler bed or a cool-looking sofa for another room by removing one side and replacing it with the Wired Crib conversion panel. The changing table can turn into a grown ups dresser or any kind of storage.

Little Swappies: Why it is important for you to produce green products?

Lior Schapiro: Being a designer comes with environmental responsibility. As an architect and product designer I believe that any product should be sustainable in its environment.

Little Swappies: What are some future plans for NUMI NUMI?

Lior Schapiro: Last year NUMI NUMI Design expanded into another arena. Its new sister company, NUMI Home, is a Los Angeles Real Estate company focused on remodeling properties and delivering modern homes to extend the life cycle of the house.

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