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Little Swappies has become a growing community where we have loved seeing how much you all are swapping your old items for something new. It is also a great forum for us to meet with online influencers who are doing their part to donate. To introduce you to a part of our community, we are launching a new blogger Q & A series.

To kick-off this fun segment, we interviewed mom of two Valerie Pierre and owner of the Brooklyn-based event company, Mommy R+R. Through her mission to “Relax, Rejuvenate, Recharge,” Mommy R+R serves to organizes events exclusively for moms. Check out her interview with her and learn what she is donating at our next swap in Manhattan on 5/31.

Mommy R and R

Little Swappies: What is your blog about?

Valerie Pierre: Mommy R+R is a blog that documents how I spend my free time as well as recommending ways to help moms feel rejuvenated and recharged. The blog works in conjunction with my company, also called Mommy R+R. My company organizes events that are exclusively for moms. You can visit my blog at

Little Swappies: What are some of your favorite budget friendly ways to enjoy NYC?

Valerie Pierre: I wish I could give a variety of budget friendly things we do as a family but my 3 year old daughter is currently obsessed with the park. She has zero interest in anything else. So we take her to different parks all over Brooklyn. Sometimes we’ll take a little food and have picnics in the park. Her favorite is Fort Greene park. We also use discount websites like Living Social or Groupon to locate fun things for us to do around the city.

Little Swappies: How often do you donate and what do you give away?

Valerie Pierre: I donate several times during the year to various charities and organizations or to family and friends who may be in need. I donate children’s clothing, coats, toys and old cell phones.

Little Swappies: What was the best thing that you found at a thrift store, yard sale?

Valerie Pierre: The best thing I received, I’m not making this up, was a Vtech 3-in-1 scooter from the last Little Swappies event in Cobble Hill. I was looking for learning toys for my 17 month old son when a volunteer held up the scooter and asked if anyone wanted it. No one wanted it, so I took it. Before Little Swappies, I hadn’t been to a thrift store or a yard sale to buy anything in a long time so to get such a cool toy was a nice treat.