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Skincare is confusing. Our skin is placed into categories: sun damaged, wrinkly, acne-ridden, dry, combination, but how many of us really even understand what these terms mean, and what their root causes are. We are encouraged to use certain creams only to be disappointed when they don’t get the results that are promised. It is frustrating and a never-ending cycle for some women, who really just want to learn how to properly treat their skin.  Another important and discouraging fact is that many skincare products are filled with harmful chemicals. We would never eat these chemicals, so why put them on our skin?


To better understand the complexity of our skin, we delved into the world of natural skincare by reading Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore. As the Founder of S.W. Basics, Adina is changing the way we think about skin by asking meaningful questions to help people tap into their history, eating habits, and lifestyles to better understand why their skin acts the way it does. With a warm, funny, and comforting tone, Adina provides a clear and step-by-step plan to understand and develop a better skincare routine while you unlearn everything you thought you knew about skincare.

We are proud to feature Adina as the first “changemaker” in our weekly series, which aims to highlight people and companies doing their part to make positive change in their industries. We recently had the chance to chat with Adina to learn more about how we all can achieve clear, calm, and happy skin.


Little Swappies: How did S.W. Basics start?

Adina Grigore: S.W. Basics was originally Sprout Wellness, an organization I started to teach people about DIY wellness (nutrition, fitness, and also skincare). I have really sensitive skin and was making products to ease my symptoms. I started teaching the formulas in workshops and quickly realized that people really needed cleaner skincare to buy, not just recipes to make. So I launched the line, and it became S.W. Basics, referring to the simplicity of the formulas and that we think of the products as essential to your routine, we’re not selling you a 10 step program.

Little Swappies: What are some of the common misconceptions about what we put on our skin?

Adina Grigore: We think that if a product was made in a lab, and claims to be high-performance or life-changing, it is. This is simply not true. When your product says it is derived from green tea and therefore will magically erase wrinkles, you believe it. But it’s the green tea that’s good for your skin (just buy some tea leaves, no need for the synthetic derivative), and nothing will magically erase wrinkles. Natural ingredients are incredibly potent, they don’t require fancy chemistry. Your skincare’s ingredients should come from a farm, not a lab.



Little Swappies: Can all skin types achieve “clear, calm and happy” skin?

Adina Grigore: Absolutely! We can’t stay young forever, and we can’t always be blemish-free. We are humans with human bodies that respond to the world around us (and to our minds and lifestyles, which are even more powerful). So the first step is accepting that perfect, robot skin is not possible. Then you can start to understand that if you take care of yourself and live a simple life, you can have pretty good skin almost all of the time.

Little Swappies: What did you enjoy about writing the book?

Adina Grigore: I think what drives me the most is the sense of a mission. I really liked writing the parts of the book that are sassy and might seem a little harsh. I like telling people that the industry is ugly, that marketing is meant to make us feel bad, and that we are way more awesome than many companies would have us believe. I think I would have made a good preacher.

Little Swappies: What does your skincare routine look like?

Adina Grigore: I wash with water every morning, then again at night. In the shower I shampoo and condition, and sometimes use our exfoliant. Throughout the day, if I notice my skin seems unhappy, I’ll use our toner, cream, or serum. I use a foaming face wash maybe once every two weeks and our cleanser once a week.

Little Swappies: What does it feel like to be apart of a new generation of skincare companies that is changing the way we use and understand products?

Adina Grigore: Amazing and terrifying! We’ve got a long, shaky road ahead of us, but I’m inspired and really motivated by what’s happening right at this moment, which seems like a shift in the right direction. Let’s hope it continues!

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